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Nicki Minaj Scuffles With Maid

Update-‘Super Bass’ rapper Nicki Minaj is starting a trend for herself. Every few months an incident surfaces that seems contrary to the rappers persona. Earlier this year Nicki and her hype man Safaree were involved in an incident involving a suitcase, a hit on the lip and police. This time the hype man and the police are back, this time add in a maid. I know, sounds slightly bizarre.

On Thursday afternoon the Los Angeles Police was called to Nicki’s apartment. Reportedly Nicki Minaj fired one of her maids last week from her apartment for taking a photo of her from the trash bin and requesting Nicki’s autograph on said picture.

The maid allegedly returned to the apartment on Thursday but refused to exit when Nicki asked her to leave.

According to TMZ, the maid shouted at Nicki, “I will not be treated like an animal”! That’s when Nicki and her boyfriend Safaree lost it and yelled back ” I’ll show you how to treat someone like an animal…get the f**k out of my house!” Safaree then began pushing the woman with his body (really?)

The maid’s boss called the cops to file a battery complaint but the maid changed her mind from making a citizen’s arrest when police arrived.

The crazy part of this mess is that Nicki Minaj may have attacked the wrong maid!! Several witnesses told TMZ that the maid Nicki fired last week wasn’t the same maid that came on Thursday. *Don’t judge me for laughing!!*

Seriously, Nicki Minaj might want to look about getting a hype man that starts his shift at the venue…

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