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Braxton Family Values Brings The Drama For Season Two

Toni Braxton and the Braxton family are bringing the drama for season two of Braxton Family Values on We TV!! Of course its nothing compared to what we’ll see on a say a VH1 reality TV show but it’s a honest look inside a family of ambitious sisters and a mother who holds them together.

Tamar who was the unquestionable breakout star of season one is still the center of attention. Toni even stated,

“I love my baby sister Tamar but I do think the success of the first season has gone to her head. Just a little bit”.

In the extended sneak peak, Tamar continues to put everyone in their place with the ‘truth’ except it doesn’t work quite as well on her mother Evelyn who threatens to “slap the piss out of her” as her patience wears thin with the diva.

Relationships also remain a focal point in season two. Toni is dating, so is their mother Evelyn, Gabe crosses the line with Trina and a lot more!

Check out the sneak peak below: Braxton Family Values premieres on November 10th at 9pm.

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