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Demi Moore Drops By The Set Of Two And A Half Men For Ashton Kutcher

Update-Demi Moore is working over time to put divorce rumors to rest. After a month long of back and off, are they are aren’t they splitting up. Demi has taken yet another step to hushing the rumors, but not before her husband Ashton let it rip on the media.

Last week Ashton Kutcher recently released a cryptic, four-minute long YouTube rant where he discussed truth of all things, and how it related to media and the history of publishing.

Ashton Kutcher has been a trending topic for nearly a month because of his alleged sex scandal with 23-year old Sara Leal while vacationing in San Diego during his sixth wedding anniversary to Demi Moore.

Apparently, Kutcher isn’t exactly a fan of how he’s presently being portrayed given his rant was primarily directed towards the media and their incessant need to feed rumor mills with false accusations and innuendos.

The video continued by taking an odd yet ironic, philosophical twist as Kutcher attempted to give insight regarding the history of print media and how it’s interconnected with religion and economics by using phrases such as “bastardized truth” and “gatekeeper of truth”.   He explained that the cost structure of early printing was prohibitively expensive, which caused publishers to have to be very selective in what printing projects they decided to take on which resulted in a level of honesty and integrity that has degraded in recent days because a printer’s reputation, which was apparently then extremely sacred, has now become almost irrelevant.

Despite the video rant, Demi and Ashton were spotted leaving their Los Angeles home allegedly heading to a counseling session. So it’s clear things were not the way they use to be. Sources have claimed that Demi’s unusually slimmed down frame is because of the scandal, “She’s very upset and hasn’t been eating. It’s taking its toll.”

But of course counseling is a positive sign. And Demi continued the trend when she made a surprise visit to Ashton’s Two And A Half Men set with daughter Rumer Willis. Sources told Us Magazine that “He (Ashton) put his arm around Demi and they acted like a couple. “They were talking and smiling at each other. Everything seemed just like normal.”

Wow, normal? Between the scandal, Ashton’s truth video rant, Demi’s skinny frame, Two and a Half Men dropping in ratings and we forgot to mention Charlie Sheen thinks the show stinks – it must be great for something to be “normal”!

Watch the video – what do you think?

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