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Lewis Hamilton And Nicole Scherzinger Break Up Amid Engagement Rumors

Formula One race car driver Lewis Hamilton is finding out that sometimes when it rains…it pours as he not only contends with a tumultuous Formula One season, but also an unfortunate break-up with ex Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

According to the Daily Mail, a source revealed that conflicting work schedules was the primary reason for the couples break up.

“They are still very good friends and it was an amicable split, but they just decided it was impossible to keep the relationship going with such conflicting work schedules.”

One work conflict in particular appears to be Nicole’s decision to join The X-Factor with Simon Cowell who Hamilton surprisingly listed as a contributing factor to the break up.

Hamilton allegedly stated that Nicole’s new position has placed “immeasurable strain” on what appears to have been an already shaky relationship.

Hamilton busy Grand Prix circuit schedule and Nicole’s own hectic commitments prevented her from spending time with him on race days. As a result, Hamilton decided the two needed to take a break when he revealed this past Monday they were ending their four year relationship.

This split definitely comes as something of a surprise given that the couple was often plagued by repeated rumors of an engagement. Most recently Scherzinger’s father stated that Lewis proposed to Nicole earlier this summer.   But both parties have denied the proposal…but definitely confirmed they were happy with each other.

A friend of the couple tells the UK Mirror, “Lewis and Nicole have been having problems for the past six weeks”

Lewis, who was said to be in a “vile mood” after last weekend’s Korean Grand Prix, recently said he was a long way off wanting to start a family.

Are you surprised by the news of Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton?

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