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Jessica Simpson Confirms Pregnancy After $500,000 Pay Out

Did fashion mogul Jessica Simpson confirm her pregnancy after receiving $500,000 for the deal?!

Earlier this year it was reported that Jessica Simpson’s fashion label was nearing the $1 billion mark not to mention she’s engaged to marry NFL player, Eric Johnson.

It seems a bit odd that Jessica who either put on a few pounds or is doing a poor job at hiding a baby bump would hold out for money.

Granted celebrities have done stranger things. So let’s go with this one for a minute. So for weeks, the day Jessica Simpson would announce her pregnancy was highly anticipated. New York Post revealed that the obvious news wasn’t confirmed because Jessica was waiting for a $500,000 payout.

“We’re told the Simpsons were asking up to $500,000 to close the deal.”

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RadarOnline thought the deal wasn’t possible when a PR exec stated,

“The issue with Jessica Simpson maybe is that she simply hasn’t been ‘hot’ lately in terms of relevant, big celebrity occurrences”

“No big movie, hit album or A-list happening, and even though she’s an A-list celebrity…in this economy, media needs to know for $500,000 that something is a sure bet — and Simpson simply may not be seen as that today.”

Well someone forgot to tell that to OK Magazine who reportedly shelled out the $500k with their leading title, “Yes, I’m having a baby!”

Life & Style decided to skip the entire confirmation process and the expense when they stated that Jess is having a baby girl with a wedding date set for November 11th!

What do you think – take a look at some pictures within the last week. Is Jessica Simpson pregnant?

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0 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Confirms Pregnancy After $500,000 Pay Out

  1. lilkunta says:

    i dont think ok paid the $500k. They are running that story on theirmag but there is no confirmation from jess or her publicist or rep or manager. I think OK is running the story bc it is clearly evident that jess is preg.

    I too dont think jess is worth $5000k now bc she isnt hot. A few years back when she was the mtv newlywed show and the tuna fish comment, or when she did the daisy dukes movie, yea she wasworth it.
    but not now.

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