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Beyonce And Jay-Z Baby Plans Include Building A 2200 Sq Ft Nursery

Update – Beyonce and Jay-Z are making some HUGE baby plans!

Earlier Thursday afternoon Beyonce and her very real NOT fake baby bump was spotted in New York City yet again. I can’t recall the last time Beyonce had been spotted out soo many times in one month!! It’s obvious Beyonce is happy to flaunt her pregnancy for all to see.

Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z are so over the moon with the impending birth of their first child that they’re reportedly building a 2,200 square foot nursery in their New York City Tribeca home!!!

According to US Magazine, Beyonce “will have a nursery that is 2,200 square feet!” But some sources have allegedly express that the nursery maybe be too grand and an unsafe for the child alone.

I honestly find this one hard to believe – but hey – Bey and Jay can certainly afford whatever upgrades and/or expansions necessary for their baby.

What do you think – is 2,200 square footage too big for a newborn? Check out pics of Beyonce in NYC:

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