John Singleton Sues Paramount Claiming Fraud on $20 Million Dollar Deal

Breaking News: John Singleton sues Paramount for going back on a ‘Hustle and Flow’ two picture deal. According to The Hollywood Reporter  John Singleton who was the producer of the 2005 breakout hit ‘Hustle and Flow,’ has filed suit today saying that he signed a $9 million dollar deal with Paramount with the promise to produce  two more films, as long as the budget didn’t exceed $3.5 million each. An additional clause of the agreements stated that producing fees couldn’t be higher than 7.5 percent. In return Singleton gave the studio rights to  ‘Black Snake Moan’ which he also produced. 

Singleton says Paramount later added conditions that made it impossible to get the two movies made. Singleton’s legal team alleges causes of action for fraud, rescission, unjust enrichment and breach of contract.

A Paramount spokesperson, in response, says that the deal they had worked out with Singleton ended in 2010. The spokesperson goes on to say that Singleton was well aware of this face and made his own choice to still do another film , Abduction. Therefore, the production company stands by its belief that Singleton’s claims have absolutely no merit.

Hustle and Flow’ made $22 million worldwide and went on to win an Oscar for best song. Black Snake Moan made $10 million.


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