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Does ABC Have The Best TV Shows?

Discovering all that the ABC television network has to offer may keep you hooked on some of their most popular shows. This network is the home of ‘Primetime 20/20’, one of the longest running documentary style news programs in the world. Additionally, shows such as ‘Mr. Sunshine’ and ‘Rookie Blue’ will be returning this season. ‘Rookie Blue’ is a show about police officers that have recently taken up the job. The show follows their interpersonal relationships while they face a life that is filled with action and struggle.

Also what’s hot on the ABC roster is ‘Suburgatory,’ a light comedy that tells the story of a single father who moves his family from the city to the suburbs after finding condoms in his daughter’s dresser drawer. Also ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ ‘Man Up’ have also done well with ratings. ‘Pan Am’ has faired well in its  Sunday 10pm time slot, considering it goes up against NBC Sunday night football and CBS ‘CSI Miami’

These unique programs offer an effective blend of drama and comedy that millions of people tune into every week. Which is why my opinion stands that, ABC has the best programming!

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