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' The Hangover 2' Facing More Lawsuits For Stealing

Earlier this year, news that a tattoo artist filed a lawsuit against the produces of ‘The Hangover 2’ spread and threatened to delay the much anticipated sequel’s release. S. Victor Whitmill sued because a tattoo appearing on a character in the movie very closely resembled the tattoo he designed for Mike Tyson. A judge had ruled that the movie could be released on time, but the lawsuit hung over the franchise through the summer. Warner Brothers eventually settled the suit to avoid delays in DVD and BluRay releases of the movie.

Later in the year, another lawsuit was associated with the movie. A stunt-double for Ed Helms sued the production company, claiming severe injury during a miss-timed stunt.  Scott McLean claimed that last minute changes in stunt timing caused a car crash during the scene. He claimed permanent brain damage from the accident.

Now there is a third suit where Michael Alan Rubin contests that ‘The Hangover 2’ producers stole his story. The plaintiff states that the producer got his script from his devious ex-wife. In the plaintiff’s version of the script, the protagonist goes on a drug filled adventure from America to an Asian country. Warner Brothers issued a statement that they are working to resolve the issue with McLean and Michael Alan Rubin. It appears the latest lawsuit will not have any impact on the success of the movie Hangover 2.

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