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Robert Downey Jr. Is an Accidental Genius After All

Robert Downey Jr. has an impressive list of acting credits, including an Academy Award nomination and The British Academy Award for his starring role in the movie Chaplin. He also played the starring role in the very silly movie Tropic Thunder along with Ben Stiller and Jack Black. He then became Marvel’s newest billionaire/playboy/philanthropist/super hero we all know as Iron Man.

Now, Adam Gigbot slates Downey for the starring role in Warner Bros. ‘The Accidental Genius’. Downey will also produce the movie, along with Susan Downy and Ben Silverman’s Electus. The executive producer will be Adam Gigbot, and producer David Gambino. Gibgot also pitched ‘Darkhorse’ for FX by Oliver Stone.

In his role in this movie, Downey will play a man who awakens from a coma and is suddenly gifted with astounding intelligence. Following his resuscitation, he is compelled to explore a mystery that is a hundred years old. The Accidental Genius is a take on an actual, but rare, medical condition that can appear after intense physical trauma.  The symptoms emerging from that physical trauma have sometimes been documented to result in increased mental abilities.

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