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Nicki Minaj Transforms In W Magazine November Issue

It would be an understatement to say Nicki Minaj is having the best time of her life. There are to many moments to freeze in time in what appears to be career without any breaks. The 28-year old Trinidadian born, Onika Maraj, is paving a whole new path for female hip hop artist.

With one hot pink album, Nicki has transformed the face of women in hip hop. Such can be said for her editorial spread in the November issue of W Magazine. Famed artist artist Francesco Vezzoli tells the magazine how he transformed the Super Bass singer,

“In her performances, Minaj makes very explicit and  ­challenging use of her beauty and her body, so I thought of comparing her to some of the most famous courtesans in history: the Marquise de  ­Montespan, Comtesse du Barry, Madame de Pompadour, and  ­Madame Rimsky- ­Korsakov. My idea was to reproduce four iconic portraits of some of the most fascinating females of the past in a series starring an American pop-culture role model. We tried to re-create those original portraits using similar furniture, props, and clothing, à la Visconti. Luckily enough, the result came out as surreal as it could be, just as I wished.”

what do you think: Are you feeling Nicki’s transformation in W?

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