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Chris Paul And Jada Crawley Wedding Pictures

New Orleans Hornet’s star point guard Chris Paul recently married his college sweetheart, Jada Crawley, in a North Carolina, star-studded event.

According to, over three hundred guest traveled to Charlotte to enjoy the extravagant gala including popular NBA superstar LeBron James who served as Paul’s groomsman.   James explained his connection to Paul with the following statement;

“Chris and Jada are like an extension of my family.   He’s like the brother I never had.   I’m here for him no matter what and not only for Chris but also Lil’ Chris and Jada.”

New bride Jada Crawley, who reportedly met Chris at a basketball tournament in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, during her sophomore year in college, explained that although Chris is in the NBA, they’re still simply regular people.

“Chris and I just are hometown, everyday people”

Chris added playfully;

“She used to wear Jordans.”

Jada continued by explaining how the two initially dealt with his family;

“Sometimes they gave me the side-eye like, is she here for the right reasons? But Chris stood up for me.   It made us stronger.”

Jada went on to explain how the birth of their now two year old son Chris II, made their relationship stronger.

“People can say, ‘They had a baby out of wedlock,’ but when I got pregnant, Chris’ clubbing came to a halt because he wanted to be a good father. And being a good father meant being a better boyfriend.”

Chris agreed by stating;

“Becoming parents made us closer.”

Chris Paul has always been the constant romantic as he not only proposed in the same gymnasium where the two met, but also enlisted R&B star Robin Thicke to serenade Jada as she walked down the aisle with her father.

The bride kept things classic in a Vera Wang gown and the groom and their son were quite the handsome pair in a set of Ralph Lauren tuxedo. LaLa Anthony, who attended with husband and fellow NBA alum Carmelo, best summed up the event by stating;

“Anytime two people who have been together that long, who are that in love and who are great parents…
 I can’t do anything but be happy for them.”

Congratulations Chris and Jada! May you have many happy years to come. See more pictures over at

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