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Dominic Purcell Casted in 'Paradise Lost' as Lucifer's Sidekick

Dominic Purcell Paradise Lost

Dominic Purcell is just great at playing evil bad guys.  The producers of ‘Paradise Lost’ noticed that and cast Purcell as Lucifer’s right hand man in ‘Paradise Lost.‘ Purcell will play the role of Jerahmeel, the angel who partners with Lucifer in his quest to spread evil throughout the world. You might remember Purcell in Marvels ‘Blade Trinity’. Purcell is teamed up with Djimon Hounsou, Bradly Cooper, Camilla Belle and Callan Mcauliffe.

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‘Paradise Lost‘ is an ambitious action movie about the war between archangel Michael and Lucifer, and is the movie adaptation of John Milton’s epic poem. Alex Proyas (director) metioned that he had to keep waiting to put his vision on the bigscreen until technology caught up to his  visual desire. The budget is estimated at $88,000,000. The production company behind the project is Fox Studios.



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