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Djimon Hounsou Takes Role Of Abdiel In 'Paradise Lost'

With Bradley Cooper already set to play Lucifer and Benjamin Walker playing the opposing archangel Michael, There is still room for one more power house performer. Djimon Housou (Gladiator, Blood Diamond) is set to join the big screen take on the classic 17th century poem by John Milton. Hounsou will play Abdiel, the angel of death. Wikipedia says, “Abdiel denounces Satan after hearing him incite revolt among the angels, and abandons Lucifer to bring the news of his defection to God. However, when he arrives, he finds that preparations are already underway for battle. In the ensuing fight, Abdiel smites Satan, Ariel, Ramiel, and Arioch. “Paradise Lost” chronicles the war in Heaven between archangels Satan and Michael, the former’s banishment to Hell and his subsequent journey through the many levels of the Underworld as he makes his way to the Garden of Eden to corrupt God’s favored creations, Adam and Eve.

Alex Proyas to direct. Proyas’ adaptation will include three epic battle sequences that will take place in Heaven, Hell, and Eden and the extensive special effects will mean 20 weeks pre-production, just 8 weeks of actual photography, then a massive 72 weeks of post! Hounsou’s Abdiel will be getting in on the huge battle sequences allowing him to reprise his warrior training from Gladiator!

The screenplay has been written by Stuart Hazeldine.





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