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Fantasia Barrino's Pregnancy Puts Mahalia Jackson Biopic In Jeopardy

Former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino is causing some unforeseen controversy between her pregnancy and her starring role in Mahalia! Fantasia seemed like the natural choice to play the Queen of Gospel Mahalia Jackson. After Barrino was confirmed for the role she began gaining weight but the weight gain was reportedly due to the role – or that’s what Barrino’s rep stated.

Two months later and Fantasia confirms she is pregnant with her on and off boyfriend Antwaun Cook – who is still legally married to his wife Paula Cook.

Reportedly family members of the Mahalia Jackson estate are offended by Barrino’s choices.

“The family thinks if Fantasia plays the role, it’s going to sully the name of Mahalia,” says executive producer Adrian Taylor to NY Post. “They think she’s got the wrong image, having a child out of wedlock.”

In addition to the image issue, Fantasia’s pregnancy is causing a scheduling conflict with the film’s original due date. Director Euzhan Palcy may be forced out due to the conflicts.

The film may be saved with Barrino if she will agree to promptly begin filming in January after her due date of December 27th. The head of the estate tells NY Post he’s not aware of the family’s objections stating, “I’m not really aware of any objections that the heirs have to the casting of Fantasia. I understand that they were getting ready to film and that she is pregnant, and I don’t know who is she pregnant by.”

Missy Elliott is reportedly the next stand in actress for the biopic.

WOW! Do you think Fantasia should gracefully bow out of the role?

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