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Kris Humphries Reveals Kim Kardashian Pursued Him On Jay Leno

Who knew Kim Kardashian was a make the first move kind of gal?! Kris Humphries ever so naively not only revealed that Kim Kardashian pursued him but he wasn’t all that interested!!   The newlyweds made their rounds on Ellen and Jay Leno to promote their upcoming E! wedding special.

Kim and Kris stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show for an interview this past Tuesday (which airs Wednesday) where they decided to go through a mock wedding with DeGeneres serving as the officiate.

Kim admitted that if she could change anything about their wedding she would have eloped. Ellen however, jokingly added that the real change should have been lengthening the after party which caused Kim to mention just how exhausting the entire experience was.

“I would say longer after party, but I was so crazy for an entire month…I literally went crazy.   It was so stressful.”

Over at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Kim wished she had a muzzle for her blabber mouth hubby.

Talking about their wedding, Kim admitted that she made the party a black and white affair because she thought everyone would look great in it.

“I thought the pictures would look fab if everyone was dressed in black and white.”

Then Leno playfully responded;

“Especially if you had a black-and white camera.”

Humphries jokingly responded;

“That was when you got married my friend.”

(Kim and Kris on Jay Leno)

Kris later related the story about their first meeting. A friend called and said Kim K wanted to “holler” at him but he had some reservations.

“I didn’t know her very well, I didn’t know much about her.   I though she wasn’t gonna be as nice as she is and down to earth, and when I got to know her, you know, I fell in love with her.” Before Kris finished his sentence, Kim reminded him they’re on live TV,   “he just says whatever comes to mind.” Aww…Kris is still learning the ropes of playing husband to a reality TV star.

Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event, a two night affair airs this Sunday at 8pm and the following Monday at 9pm, will you be watching?

Watch the hilarious clip below of Kim and Kris on Jay Leno

Kim K and Kris H renewing their vows on Ellen DeGeneres

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