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Beyonce Surprise Visit To Houston University Causes A Frenzy-VIDEO

Earlier this week, mommy-to-be Beyonce was spotted with her mother Tina Knowles at the University of Houston where her mom was honored by the University’s Friends of Women’s Studies Organization.

Beyonce beamed with joy as she watched her mother, Tina, an entrepreneur who’s been with her daughter every step of the way, offer words of inspiration to women.

In the interview Tina stated,

“Sometimes I’m sitting in a room with 10 suits (businessmen) and I’m the only woman there and it gets tough because it is a challenge to get the respect from the people that you deal with sometimes. It’s very challenging, but I just keep fighting and being positive and try to stay on my game.”

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It’s just amazing. I always knew that I wanted to make women feel beautiful.”

“Stay focused. Surround yourself with positive people. Look at the positive side. Do internships. It’s not always about the money; it should be about passion. Don’t give up. You need to be able to do something you love.”

Of course it was sheer pandemonium when students around the campus heard that Beyonce was site! Crowds rushed towards the building and reportedly began shouting Beyonce’s name. Watch a clip below:

Beyonce coming in:

Good thing there was a window separating the crowd – sheesh!

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