Why Diddy Defended Ciroc At The BET Awards After Party

If you haven’t yet heard, Diddy/Sean Combs got into a heated argument with T.I Tip Harris at an after party for the BET Awards in Atlanta, GA. T.I, Diddy and several other high profile hip hop artist were attending the after party. Things went south..literally..when someone in the crowd, later revealed to be self-dubbed lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns, was promoting Grey Goose. Sean Combs didn’t take well to this gesture and began berating Burns for his option. Very quickly minions all around we defending their respective parties – and things were getting ugly..fast.

Rapper T.I, who was released from a halfway house on Thursday tried in earnest to bring Diddy back down to earth. T.I reminded Diddy of many things: A. We have too much money to behave this way, B. People can consume whatever alcohol they choose and C. He’s not going back to jail for something so silly.

Now, why did Diddy defend Ciroc in the first place? Let’s start and end with the millions he earns from the brand. Forbes magazine place Sean Combs at the top of it’s Billionaire in the making list last month. That placed Diddy ahead of Jay-Z to be the first hip-hop billionaire. Diddy not only earns a handsome salary from sponsoring Ciroc but he has owns equity in the parent company. A buyout would mean a handsome payout for Diddy.

Diddy’s rant was unquestionably childish, but to lower it to a bicker over just alcohol is missing the entire picture. The lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns is also a spokesperson for Grey Goose – you can find many videos with a quick search of Burns attending Grey Goose sponsored events – including a week long trip to Paris, France.

So was either men arguing over which alcohol makes a better cocktail, we think not. But Diddy, despite his passionate and ill-advised plea, lost a few customers on Saturday night.

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