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Jacqueline Laurita NOT Fired From Real Housewives….Yet

Update-Jacqueline Laurita is threatening to quit the cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. This Jersey cast continue to prove they may have the market cornered on drama, as Jacqueline defends Melissa Gorga against vicious attacks from fellow cast mate and Teresa Giudice.

As rumors intensify that Laurita may have quit the show with not so much as a good bye, or an appearance on the ever so mandatory reunion show, reports also surface that her new focus of aggression is former friend and fellow housewife Teresa Giudice.

Teresa allegedly put the drama wheels in motion by spreading rumors that Melissa Gorga was once a stripper at club Lookers in New Jersey while the ladies were attending a fashion show at Posche.

Laurita then lashed out, calling Teresa “scum”, as she claimed Giudice has been harboring animosity in hopes of embarrassing Gorga for quite some time.

Laurita voiced her suspicions via twitter with the following comment;

“Teresa told me that ‘rumor’ about Melissa when she first started the show.”

She continued;

“She wanted her out then. She plotted it. She played dumb on camera and even defended Melissa.”

Gorga vehemently denies the claims, admitting that although she did serve a short stint as a bartender in the club, she was never a stripper as she posted the following comment on her website;

“We are filming season 4 so there is not too much I can confirm, but there is one thing that I would like to clarify …the accusation that I was once a dancer at a strip club.   This is 100% NOT TRUE. I did bartend for a few weeks at a bikini bar while I was in college. My outfit was a tank top, shorts and sneakers. SORRY, no bubbies there.”

According to US Weekly, the club owner, Larry Guarino, also verified Gorga’s claims by stating;

“She was a bartender for a couple of months years ago; it was such a short time.   She was never ever a dancer.”

And the rumors of Jacqueline quitting

“I feel nauseous and feverish. No reunion for me. Sorry guys. XOXO!” she tweeted Wednesday, later adding: “Someone (not me) got set up tonight. There are some sneaky people trying to make someone look bad & then play innocent on camera. Sad. … 2b honest. I’m tired of the BS &shitty low life people.I didn’t know this was what I signed up 4.I have 2rise above&move on.”

“I can’t be part of the Charade anymore. It’s unsettling. It’s disturbing & against what I stand for. I’m a REAL housewife.”

According to Huff Post, the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion is a mandatory affair and Jacqueline remained inside while Bravo waited outside.

“Jacqueline refused to come out of her house the day of the reunion taping, Bravo’s car sat in the driveway all day and she just refused to leave her home even if it meant she was violating her contract.”

Us Weekly contradicts this report with a statement from a rep stating, “Bravo is not firing anyone from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. This is completely inaccurate from sources who are unreliable and making up rumors. All five cast members will be featured on season four. No decisions have been made about season five at this time.”

Sounds like Bravo wants to hold the control on who leaves and when. Just last month they fired four cast mates from Real Housewives of New York and it appears despite their saving grace Jacqueline Laurita may just be calling it quits from New Jersey Housewives.

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