Nicki Minaj Thanks Taylor Swift; Dishes On Sophomore Album

Update-Nicki Minaj is dishing on her sophomore album and she’s thanking Taylor Swift in the process. It appears Minaj may catch the Rihanna bug and release a new album every nine months! Nicki is unquestionably still riding high from her debut album Pink Friday but she is already in the studio working on her sophomore album. But don’t expect too many details or for the first single to be unlocked just yet, Minaj is keeping this one under the hat. Last month Nicki stated there won’t be a   host of features, except for one of her many alter egos; Roman apparently being the favorite.

This past weekend at the iHeart Radio Music Festival, Nicki and her pink fried chicken wing stopped and chatted with Billboard where she thanked Taylor Swift for making Super Bass a mega success and of course some details on her follow up to Pink Friday,

“All I can say is that Roman will definitely be a humongous part of the follow-up to Pink Friday. I can’t talk about anything else that has to do with the sophomore album. All I can say is that I’m working on it and the fans are gonna get their life and then some.”

On Taylor Swift:

“I want to publicly say again that Taylor Swift really launched that single into another stratosphere with just tweeting about it and rapping it and stuff, so thank you Taylor,” “And she’s so cute and she’s like a big bowl of ice cream.”

Watch the clip below:

Are you ready for another Nicki Minaj album?

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