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Did Beyonce Reveal The Gender Of Her Baby Or God?

Update-Did Beyonce reveal the gender of her baby or God at a recent promotional event? Seems like an odd question, right?

Before we get to the background of the question, first time mom-to-be Beyonce is acting as such: a first time mom. The pop star who’s traveled the world and sang in front of millions of adoring fans over her expansive career is absolutely giddy about carrying a beautiful life inside her womb. And it is indeed a wonderful sight to see.

As she continues to work and promote her Pulse fragrance, Beyonce did yet another interview that rarely doesn’t center around her pregnancy. And, many people can attest to this, when you’re excited you’re prone to making errors in your speech. Here’s an excerpt below from her interview with E! News:

Does being pregnant make you feel more empowered as a woman?
Oh, I feel so empowered. I feel so powerful! I mean it is the most incredible gift anyone can have and I’m so happy I’m a woman. I know men….I feel bad that they don’t get to feel this, it’s incredible.

How do you think you’ll be as a mother? Will you take the baby everywhere you go?
I think I probably will be. I’ve seen different mothers and I know my mother worked really hard and she definitely didn’t stop. My mother was a great example of how it is possible to own your own salon, be a great wife, spend family time, and make the lunches & costumes and all of those things. So that was my example and I’m hoping that I’m going to just keep it moving and bring my baby with me.

Here’s the quote in question prompting a debate on You Tube. When the interviewer asked Beyonce if she can have the baby come out on the 4th as it’s her favorite number, Bey responded in part:

I’m trying to see if I could arrange that but I’m not sure if God is going for it, he has his own plan or she has her own plan.

My take is she’s talking about God. Take a listen – did Beyonce reveal the gender of her baby?

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