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Swizz Beatz Reaches Child Support Agreement For Only Daughter

Swizz Beatz/Kaseem Daoud Dean who married Grammy-award winner Alicia Keys last year is taking care of his other family business. The mega producer who now has four children; Prince Nasir born in 2000 with Nicole Levy, Kasseem Dean Jr. born in 2006 with his ex-wife Moshanda, Nicole born 2008 with UK based singer Zhanna Andrianova and Egypt born 2010 with current wife Alicia Keys. Swizz didn’t accept paternity of his daughter Nicole with Zhanna – who he met, dated and impregnated while married to Mashonda until 2009. According to NY Post, Alicia accompanied Swizz to London to establish paternity. After a back and fourth in court Swizz and Zhanna, a Russian-born, London bred artist reached an agreement.

The pair reached an out of court settlement but it is reported that Swizz did agree to pay for Zhanna’s attorney fees from the ordeal and a check for $42,000 from Swizz paid the lawyers in full. Swizz reportedly made interim child support payments but according the Post, the settlement took some time because of Zhanna’s inability to travel back and fourth to the US and she denied the initial settlement offered last year. Swizz’s lawyer states,

“Mr. Dean has never failed to deliver on his responsibility to his children.”

While the situation is far from ideal, it’s good to know that Swizz Beatz is financially taking care of his children.

Earlier this year Swizz traveled to London to celebrate Nicole’s birthday and also brought his older children along to meet their baby sis. Check out some photos below:

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