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Disney's Lion King 3D Re-Release Rakes in $29 million

Disney's The Lion King 3D release

The Lion King 3D surprises Disney along with everyone with its performance in the box office this weekend. Coming in at # 1 with an impressive 29 million dollars and beating out Contagion, which made $14 million. The folks at Disney expected only around 10 to 12 million with the re-release of Lion King 3D.

I like to give credit to the movie’s hearty theme about the circle of life. The original Lion King came out in 1994 and was loved by practically everyone. Now in 2011 those kids are now adults with children of their own and wanted their kids to experience what they did back in 1994. In addition, there aren’t many other options with a G rating in the theaters right now.

Sometimes Hollywood gets it right and this is one of those films that happened at the right time. Take work that is already done, has proven mass appeal and launch it back into the theater with updated technology and make bank!

Good call Disney!!

Are you going to see The Lion King in 3D?



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