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Nicki Minaj’s Stylist Flatly Denies Stealing Puff Ball Design

Nicki Minaj was accused last week of stealing her puff ball design from an up and coming designer Jessica Rogers. Rogers designs as shown on her Facebook page are images of colorful puff balls covering dresses. Nicki Minaj made her colorful appearance at the Carolina Herrera show wearing puff balls on a shirt.

As reported earlier this week the designer stated Nicki’s stylist contacted her about possibly using her looks. Jessica in turn sent drawings and samples to Nicki’s team. Jessica heard nothing else from Nicki until last week when the puff balls made their grand debut.

Now Nicki’s stylist Joel Dash reportedly told gossip site theybf that he’s never heard of Jessica Rogers.

“That whole story about Nicki Minaj supposedly ‘stealing ideas’ or her styling team being in contact with that unknown designer is a complete fabrication. It is false! This is just a designer who wants attention. We have never been in contact with this particular designer on behalf of Nicki or any other clients we currently work with.”

Nicki’s shirt was reportedly designed by a Japanese brand called DOG. Joel added, “We are not sure who created the piece first, for all we know, she copied DOG?”

There isn’t much available online about DOG, but if we were Jessica Rogers we would focus on maximizing the publicity to get others to pay attention to her version of this hideous look.

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