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Whitney Houston Is Back! Sony Confirms Talks For Houston To Star In Sparkle

It’s confirmed! Sony reports Whitney Houston is in talks to star in ‘Sparkle’, a remake of the 1976 music drama. The last time we saw Houston on the silver screen was in Penny Marshall’s ‘The Preacher’s Wife’.  Houston has been shrouded in a smoke of controversy for the past decade that dealt with drugs, divorce and other behavioral issues. Houston managed to stay out of the media for awhile , which lead us all to believe that she’s been repairing her image. Thinking back to her performance in ‘The Preacher’s Wife’ and Houston was really good. She got good reviews for her performance. I don’t think that anybody should worry about Houston pulling off her role in Sparkle. If anything she will have a lot to pull from.

But let’s give it up to the American Idol winner Jordin Sparks. This would make her big screen debut as the title character. Will this be another Jennifer Hudson who in her break out role managed to win an Oscar for her performance in ‘Dream Girls’?? Lets just wait and see. Houston will play Sparkle’s mother in the film. Mike Epps is also attached to the project.

Quick Synopsis: Three sisters from Harlem become singers. The sisters become involved with drugs, while Sparkle ends up being the only one to gain fame from their talent. This film tells of how drugs ruin the sisters’ relationships and eventually end Sparkle’s life. It is also about the relationship between Sparkle and character Stix.


Shooting is scheduled to begin next month.

Do you think Whitney Houston still got it?!


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