Meagan Good In Talks To Replace Stacey Dash On 'Single Ladies'

It’s been less than a month since Stacey Dash confirmed she’d left the VH1 hit sitcom Single Ladies. But that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating who should replace the fashionista Valerie Stokes. While other actresses including Gabrielle Union and Nia Long were named as favorite replacements, The Game actress Meagan Good appears to have risen to the top.

According to Brown Sista and other blogs, Meagan as Val remains a rumor. As VH1, Queen Latifah or the show’s creator Stacy Littlejohn has yet to confirm.

If Meagan Good does nab the role, how would she fit in Val’s fabulous shoes? Val is known for a well put together wardrobe, a naive but sweet take on relationships and overall very feminine with a pinch of sexiness.

Meagan can pull off many of Val’s characteristics, the only downside is Meagan is much younger than Stacey and the remaining cast.

What do you think, is Meagan Good be a suitable replacement for Stacey Dash/Val?

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