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Nick Cannon Reveals Mariah Carey's Diva Behavior During Childbirth

Nicki Cannon talked about his wife Mariah Carey and the production of the arrival of their twins Monroe and Moroccan. Mariah gave birth to the twins four months ago and in true diva fashion it was all a show. Nick sat down with the ladies of CBS’ The Talk;

It was definitely over the top. I was the production manager of the whole production. I was the DJ. I had the camera on one hand.

The lighting had to be perfect. My wife was like, ‘if you’ve got a camera, you make sure the lighting is right.’ The doctors were adjusting the lights.

But it was amazing because she wanted a certain song to be playing when the babies came out.

She wanted Fantasy, from her live performance from Madison Square Gardens so they could come out to a round of applause.

It was a production, holding the camera, hitting the record, like ‘They’re coming, let’s go.’

That’s how much of a diva my wife is – not only did she give birth to twins, hours later she was in a gown, in hair and make up.

Wow, I am surprised yet not surprised at the same time. Wow. Watch the clip below of Nicki cannon on CBS’s The Talk below:

Would you expect anything less from Mariah Carey?

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  1. tahoegeminii says:

    MEME is gross-and why do you get a “push gift” for laying there all doped out of your mind while the doctors slice the babies out almost a month early so MEME can get her wedding reenactment AGAIN!!! so Nick has to buy an anniversary gift, birthday presents and mothers day gifts all at the same time?? she has got to be the most selfish whhorre on the planet

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