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Luther: Idris Elba Dominates TV UK

Idris Elba is the hardest working man in show business. Idris and his team have made some great choices in his career. In a time where black actors struggle to be seen in big mainstream entertainment, Idris struts his way through blockbuster films and critically acclaimed television. With roles in Takers, The Losers, The Big C, Thor, and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, he has even managed to land the lead in Luther, the best cop drama I’ve ever seen. For anyone who has missed him in The Wire and were uncertain of his acting chops, then Luther will put the suspicion to bed. Luther premiered on the BBC in May 2010, and was broadcast on BBC America for American viewing. Idris plays DCI John Luther, a police detective who uses his wit and intellect to solve the most gruesome of crimes. Season 2 has already aired in the UK , and has outperformed season 1. That being said a third season of the crime thriller has already been ordered. This is a great show, with performances that will blow your mind. Did I mention that Idris received a Golden Globe and Emmy nomination for the role?? Season 1 is available on DVD and Netflix, and season 2 will air on BBC America this Fall. On top of all this he has produced a teen horror film called Demons Never Die slated for an October release in the UK. There is no word on an American release as of yet. Producing, starring in blockbuster films and an acclaimed T.V series?!That’s not too bad Mr. Elba, not too bad at all!

Share your thoughts on this Idris Elba. What’s your opinion, really??

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0 thoughts on “Luther: Idris Elba Dominates TV UK

  1. Gymo says:

    Seems Will Smith will soon have some company at the top of the Hollywood heap. 🙂

  2. Miss Bell says:

    Link to episode one, season one, you can watch any episode from tv links. I love Idri!!!!

  3. Redd says:

    I love UK TV period and I love Idris #WinWin Cant wait for season 2, he did a gr8 job with season 1. I cant wait to see whats up with the crazy chick, they do Tv better in th UK.

  4. anon says:

    he also does vodafone voiceover adverts in the uk…

  5. Cheeka says:

    Season 1 of luther was excellent i watched all 6 episodes in just two sittings. i cant wait to see season 2. Idris is an excellent actor so im not surprised by all the roles he is hired for

  6. June says:

    100% agree!!!!

  7. WGTR Staff says:

    It is very rare that everyone like everything that you do. Idris Elba is just like no other because everybody like everything that he does…Its crazy!

  8. WGTR Staff says:

    All Idris needs to do is star in a action movie and he is on top! So I agree with you.

  9. Phil Wyrick says:

    My daughter got me interested in the series. The only thing is I only watched the last two episodes of the finally! But, I can see how she got ‘hooked’ in the shows as our family love the Britcoms, I like the Law and Order/UK and now here’s Luther! Saw him on the ‘Jimmy Kimble’ Show and was disappointed they only gave Idris about 10 minutes ‘air’ time but, at least he was here! We hope to see another Season or something else with Mr. Elba in it. DO advertise though! That’s how we know what’s coming op. Good luck.

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