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Spike Lee's Da Brick Cast John Boyega as Lead

HBO and Spike Lee are letting all ride on John Boyega who was first brought to our attention in The Euro feature ‘Attack the Blocks’. Well it appears that Boyega impressed some people. Spike Lee had no doubts about having Boyega play ‘Da Brick’s’ lead, Donnie. ‘Da Brick’, based loosely on Iron Mike Tyson’s life, follows Donnie as he encounters the obstacles of being young and black in a “post-racial America.” Julito McCullum (The Wire) will play Kevin Donnie’s best friend. Milauna Jemai(NCIS) will play Lynette Donnie’s Mother and Kamahl Naiqui Palmer(Gossip Girls) will Play Malik Donnie’s friend.

Mike Tyson, Entourage creator Doug Ellin and his producing partner Jim Lefkowitz are attached as executive producers, along with Tyson’s wife, Lakiha Tyson

Da Brick will shoot in Newark, New Jersey – a place commonly dubbed Brick City.

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