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Amber Rose Twitter Account Hacked Days Before 2011 MTV VMAs

Amber Rose saw her twitter account hacked just days before the 2011 MTV VMAs where Amber would surely run into Chris Brown and Kanye West with her beau Wiz Khalifa. Amber confirmed the news Saturday morning claiming she would change her passwords and apologized to her “Rosebuds”.

The alleged hacker took some time to tweet a few unsavory things that quite honestly does not shed a great light on Amber. Chris Brown and Kanye were among the people targeted. See the tweets below:

(To Kid Red)
@kidred_ ‘s is a cheatin lying son of a bitch too but at least his dick is bigger than yours bum nigga.

(To Chris Brown)
I know yall know I f*cked @chrisBrown , so what

(To Kanye)
@kanyeWest Ready 4 our New movie boo …… “Watch the Dome”

(To Lil B From The Pack)
@lilbthebasedgod cooked this p*ssy …. #Swag – Lil B

(To Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West)
@RealWizKhalifa f*ck you bitch ass nigga ! Its over. U aint shit, just like that @kanyewest bitch ass ! #niggasaintsh*t #backtogirls4me

While at the VMAs Amber showed no hint of stress as she beamed standing next to Wiz Khalifa. When asked by the host Sway who’s performance she was most excited to see, Amber simply responded she was only there to see Wiz Khalifa win. I’m not sure who’s the lucky one in that relationship…

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