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Zoe Saldana Signs on To Paramount 'Dominion'

Just as her movie opens up to weak numbers for Columbiana it not her fault. mother nature took a bite out of all revenues this weekend. Colombiana still managed to place number 2 behind The Help. Zoe is now going to star in Paramount’s supernatural thriller Dominion. Saldana has been on the scene since 2001 developing a great body of work such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek and Takers. However, her breakthrough role was in Avatar. After Avatar Saldana just blew into the stratosphere. Now she leads in her own movies and also began producing. The talented actress is in a league of her own having the ability cry , kick a$$ and look good doing it. Saldana can pull off the soft vulnerable lover and then do a complete 180 and play the cold hearted assassin. Zoe Saldana has made her mark in this business  and that make ain’t coming out.


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