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Serena Williams Shows Off Venus At Hampton Magazine Cover Premiere

Last night Venus and Serena Williams attended a New York Party celebrating their cover on the newest issue of Hampton magazine.

While Venus arrived in a mildly conservative, short multi-layered dress; Serena decided to spice things up and accentuate her dangerous curves by sporting a low cut, form fitting, black jump-suit.

The Hamptons magazine photo shoot was followed by a playful interview where the sisters often volleyed questions back and forth between each other over everything from their crush on Pete Sampras to what they might wear at the U.S Open.

When Venus asked her sister if she thought Sampras was cute, Serena replied;

“I definitely thought Pete was very handsome, but around 1996 I thought he was really hot but I also think everybody is hot, so I don’t know if that is saying much.”

Venus also discussed possible fashion choices for the US Open by stating;

“The US Open this year is all about the little black dress, and I always put zippers in my dresses, so there will be a zipper down the back. Because I don’t ever wear black in the daytime, it will be opposing colors. Last year there were three different styles; this year it will be simple because it is just one, but in different colors.”

According to the New York Post, Serena is a favorite to win this years U.S Open. Following her controversial low seed a day earlier by the USTA, Serena will likely face a top ranked player before reaching the quarters. Luckily for Serena she will face No. 4 seeded Victoria Azarenka in the third round, an opponent she whipped two weeks earlier in Montreal.

John McEnroe, who was co-hosting the draw, had the following to say regarding Serena’s draw;

“Poor, poor, poor Azarenka.   It’s a pretty good setup for Serena. Serena and Maria Sharapova are the favorites.”

Game day begins on Monday. Can Serena Williams take it all at the 2011 U.S Open?

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