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Trailer:' Bunraku' Visual Eye Candy

Bunraku is a world thats past and present, fantasy and reality. A Samurai and western hybrid that is pure visual stimulation. The visuals are assisting a even more Impressive cast. Josh Hartnett plays a mysterious Drifter that forms an alliance in a Japanese warrior played by Yoshi. Both men seek wisdom for The Bartender played by Woody Harrelson. The two men Join forces and wage war against the outrageous destructive criminals that terrorized everyone in their path and bring the corrupt villainous reign of  Nicola played by Ron Perlman and is “sneaky” wife Alexandra played by Demi Moore. If you take Sin City , 300 and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and blend it in the Magic Bullet you get a Bunraku smoothie. With a movie that has this pronounced  visual style, they had a lot of freedom to get away with some bonkers stuff though. Check out the trailer and see for your self.

Bunraku comes to theaters on September 30th

This will be Guy Moshe’s Feature Debut and seem to pull it off with a skinny budget of $25 million

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