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Tami Roman Forces Meeka Claxton Off Basketball Wives In Reunion

Update-Basketball Wives Reunion Recap: Now we know the real reason why Meeka Claxton will not return for season 4 of Basketball Wives. Tami Roman has made it clear for all to know that she will not return if Meeka Claxton returns.

Shaunie had stated in an interview after the season finale that Tami is the fan favorite. This would also explain why VH1 refused to show the clip where many believed Meeka was right in her accusations against Tami for calling Jenn, Ev and Shaunie “fake”. Sadly, Meeka actually want to return to this madness – which speaks to her own insanity.

Watch the full reunion below – Tami makes her proposition to VH1 in the first 5 minutes.

Should this be the end of the road for Basketball Wives?

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