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Nicolas Cage Is Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance

Nicolas Cage reprises his role as the devil’s bounty hunter in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. The film picks up where the last one left off with Johnny Blaze ( Cage) hiding out in Europe where he is contacted by a mysterious church to save a boy from the devil. 2007’s Ghost Rider  was not a flop by any means, but was definitely met with mixed reactions. It wasn’t put anywhere near the categories of The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Spiderman, or the X-Men. From past experience when a movie fails to make a stir, especially in this superhero climate it gets the reboot. Don’t believe me, look at Ang Lee’s  Hulk or Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. The movie is said to be much darker, and we can tell from the trailer that Ghost Rider looks a lot more gritty and scary. Trading in his polished leather coat, white skull. and stylish motorcycle  for something a little more grittier. Only time will tell if these changes will give “old fire skull” the juice it needs to leave a lasting impression. I for one say get dirty, he is a cursed motorcycle rider with a flaming skull after all.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance opens  February 17 2012. Starring Nicolas Cage, Idris Elba, Fergus Riordan, Ciaran Hinds, Violante Placido, and Johnny Whitworth. Directed by  Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.

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