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Basketball Wives LA: Laura Govan Denies Shaquille O'Neal Affair

Basketball Wives LA star Laura Govan has cleared up one persistent rumor going into the season premiere of the highly anticipated spin-off. Laura’s sister Gloria Govan made it through a season a half under intense pressure from Shaunie O’Neal to reveal whether her sister Laura indeed carry on an affair while she was married to Shaquille O’Neal. Apart from denying the affair, Laura also speaks on her relationship with Gilbert Arenas, the pending lawsuit and what she hopes viewers will learn about her from the show.

Why did you decide to join Basketball Wives LA?
For me, it was clearing up exactly what was said about me previously on the first season of Basketball Wives Miami. And also…I wanted to be the voice of myself, not someone else.

You talked about clearing things up, and a lot has been said about your relationship with Gilbert Arenas and Shaunie O’Neal. What would you like to clear up about those situations?
For me, I’m not here to clear up sh*t. If I haven’t done anything, I have nothing to clear up. I want people to understand the dynamic of what I actually went through. I’ve never been in the media. It’s always been someone else has the upper hand on that. This was my time to set the record straight on my relationship with Gilbert, my relationship with the Shaunie/Shaquille stuff. It’s been three years. We still talking about that dumb sh-t? And he’s moved on and has 100-past relationships, plus he has a solid girlfriend now. Get your life together! Get the hell out of here!

What do you hope this show will show viewers about you?
I think it’s really going to reveal who I am. You know, TV is TV. They can edit and say what they want, whatever juice they have, they’ll put out there. …It was like therapy. I just got to get sh-t off my chest and actually talk about some things I want to talk about and really give you who I am, which is I’m funny, I’m hella’ cute in person, girl. I know they be killing me talking about, ‘She looks busted.’ Man, f-ck you! I look good in person. (Laughs) For me, I’m just having a good time. I’m loving and living life right now with my kids. Like, we’re having the best time ever.

And because a lot of fans want to know…did you sleep with Shaq?
Hell no! Have you seen his feet? How you gon’ sleep with somebody who has feet like that? Like, I’ve seen him in his sandals. I love Shaquille to death but I would never get down with Shaquille. I know him that’s why it’s hard for me… I think it’s funny. I can never say no with a straight face because that’s absolutely hilarious. And it’s funny because I feel like when I’ve seen him or been around him, we just have a good time. We’re like brother and sister. And if you don’t pick up on that dynamic then…

I just think that Shaunie [O’Neal] had her own agenda and did things for the show. And it is what it is. But at this point, three years later, I don’t want to talk about him. Talk about somebody else. Talk about somebody I actually like.

Were you concerned about still being on the show after Gilbert filed a motion to stop the show?
Hell naw! I don’t think about nothing until something happens. Since he just filed the motion, that doesn’t mean that it’s happened. Do I think it’s still going to air? Of course I do. Do I think I’m still going to get to say what I want to say? Of course I will. He’s not going to stop that. I just think that at this time I’m just focusing on now—this is my life. So it’s my time; not his time. He had his time. He’s doing his time. You know what I mean?

Have you spoken to him since he filed those papers?
Yea, I talk to him all the time. He’s still the father of my children. And we have a great relationship. It’s funny because we’ll sit and we’re talking and I’ll be like, “Damn, dog. You’re suing me like a hundred times. Like, what’s up with that?” But, we’re cleaning it up. It just takes time because he’s filed so many goddamn things against me. And now we’re at the point where we’re just cleaning stuff up. We’re just looking to really, really be good parents to our children.

Well yes, is there anyone in your life that you’re dating?
Not yet. Not yet. It might be Gilbert girl, who knows now? I’m not sure…I mean, I do still like the ni**a. …We’re doing good though. He and I are in a good space right now.

When the casting was revealed that for Basketball Wives LA, Shaunie openly stated that the cast is trashy. If this interview is any indication of what is to be expected from the first season of Basketball Wives LA, I must honestly say I’m a little scared – maybe a lot scared.

Basketball Wives LA premieres on August 29th – will you watch? Check out some audio from Laura’s interview with Loop 21 below:

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9 thoughts on “Basketball Wives LA: Laura Govan Denies Shaquille O'Neal Affair

  1. Tyrone says:


    I wish there was a show Basketball Player” and the females they pick to be girlfriend or wife! Because Basketball Wives and Basketball Wives LA shows a low class thinking Basketball player! That picks ghetto ignorant stupid classless girlfriends and wives.

    Many of these men when interview have horrible diction and speak like teenagers! To say education is a needed part of being better….Is a understatement when it comes to basketball player…If it was not for the fact of their athletic ability most not all would be unemployable!

    In Basketball Wives LA Tanya Williams is ridicule for being intelligent and speaking well…The ignorant ghetto raise female are unable to understand that many people speak well! Not every minority from wherever believe in calling themselves bitches and from a hood!

    All the cursing and speaking with horrible grammar is disgusting and a sign of being ignorant ghetto and low class! America hates these people especially good law abiding black Americans! Tanya is what I as a black man would want all black women on TV to act like! Kimsha Artest seem to be the Tami like ignorant ghetto female of Basketball Wives LA! Speaking like a stupid ghetto teenager over weight and mad at people that took care not to eat themselves fat!

    Jackie Christie is a low life ignorant OLD female scare the death of losing her husband! To think she gets marry every year is down right STUPID! Her attack on Tanya was unnecessary cursing at her is a sign of a classless person. Jackie also looks to be the older of all the female and very uncomfortable with her looks!

    Jayson Williams’ estranged wife, Tanya, has joined the cast of VH1′s “Basketball Wives: LA” and says she’s so far shot three episodes while navigating divorce proceedings. “I signed on to participate in the show to elevate the negative perception . . . that [it] is purposely filled with flighty, overly emotional and sense lessly dramatic women,” she told us via e-mail. “Yes, my life is chaotic, dramatic and surreal, but I am also a businesswoman.” Former Nets star Williams is behind bars for assault in the death of a limo driver and is up for parole next month when the show premieres.
    But tonight was nothing but ghetto ignorant minority acting like fools! VH1 saw that Tami was the draw in Basketball Wives 1. So now they have all but one ghetto ignorant classless females! First episode physical fighting over nothing! Something Tami does in Basketball Wives 1…
    But as for Tanya Williams her mother lives just down the street from my late grand parents house! Her Mother has the very best house on the street. She also raise her children to be respectable lady….She is not acting she has always spoke with very good diction. What kills my is when black people criticize someone for specking well. That is totally ignorant and ghetto!
    Tanya and her sister went to very good schools and their parent were always about getting good grades! Her brother was in a singing group ” Pieces of a Dream” …! I remember every holiday Tanya mother home was the dress to the T!

    It is a shame that in order for minority to get on TV they have to act life fools and pure animal….Claiming hood and calling themselves bitches! Acting like thugs and ghetto idiot! So far know one knows what a Basketball Wives is suppose to be!

  2. Monica says:


  3. Marilyn says:


  4. delredd says:

    that’s true all the above saying about all these black women on these reality shows like this. i’m glad 2 see kimesha fat ugly ass gone she was a complete stupid ghetto as they come a hot they’ll picking at draya 4 no reason, can’t wait 2 see the reunion.

  5. delredd says:

    laura aka lorilla she looks like a big uglyass gorilla she’s lying this bitch is nasty. sucking on shaq giantic dick!!!

  6. Jonie says:


  7. soapvixen says:

    Judging by the picture above, Laura is a big ass bitch. She’s 10 times bigger than Draya, what she did to her in that ring was DIRTY. You can tell by that interview that she is a mean ghetto, volatile, bitch. Yea I bet she sleept with Shaq, she’s just trying to keep her dirty laundry on the low. And how do you do that? By picking on someone ells.

  8. tie says:

    this is proof of what i like to tell people you dont know everything about everybody, meaning she down that other girl but gues honey now you all on the net to, and still getting bad press just like her now look that up boo!

  9. Spooni says:

    I don’t totally disagree with you. However, you should probably try spell & grammar check before you try and CHECK the women on BBW. Why are you so up in arms? If/when you have daughters, make sure that THEY don’t turn out this way.

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