Stacy Keach Joins 'Bourne Legacy'

The vey classified production let one slip and we found out that Stacy Keach Joins ‘Bourne Legacy‘. The studio wont release any details about his role and pretty much kept a tight lip with intel about the production as a whole. No intel on the story-line or names of characters. But, I do suspect that Matt Damon will make a surprise appearence in Legacy. Jeremy Renner will take the lead in the film but is not playing Jason Bourne- I repeat he is not play Jason Bourne.

Ed Norton, and Rachel Weisz are the new comers. Few come backs in Legacy to reprise their roles-Joan Allen and Albery Finney who been there for the pervious Bourne.

Tony Gilroy wrote all three Bourne Films also wrote the script for Legacy and will direct.

Legacy is set to release about a a year from now August 3 2012.

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