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Rihanna Endorses Vita Coco Coconut Water With Tropical Fruit

Update-Rihanna is the newest celebrity celebrity to endorse Vita Coco. The rapidly rising brand which counts Madonna as an investor has joined forces with Rihanna to develop a new flavor. While Rihanna endorses the brand and it’s other six flavors, Vita Coco wanted a seventh flavor inspired by Rihanna. On the island of Barbados Rihanna is no stranger to coconut water and she found the development process to be seamless.

“I grew up in Barbados – so when Vita Coco approached me to help develop a new flavor, I thought we should combine the natural coconut with fresh tropical fruits – two of my favorite things. “It tastes so delicious and reminds me of home,” Rihanna stated on her website.

And so Vita Coco Coconut Water With Tropical Fruit was born which contains coconut water with pink guava, orange, red dragon fruit and pineapple flavors. Rihanna’s signature will also appear on the carton. Have you tried Vita Coco?



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