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Rihanna Slammed By Fans For Starvation Revelation

Rihanna could sometimes do no wrong as far as her Navy fans are concerned. But sometimes, they are ready to pounce and remind Rihanna that she does serve as role model – like it or not.

On Wednesday Rihanna shared her excitement with her fans after completing her first Esquire magazine cover – but RiRi shared a little too much information.

She stated: ‘#RihannaNavy I shot my first cover for Esquire yesterday with Russell James #rockstars*** Not much preparation for that besides wax+starve!!’

It wasn’t long before her fans reacted;

‘@rihanna starve?? why?? thats a bad message to your fans ri-ri im dissapointed’

Another said: ‘@rihanna how long did you starve??? That #rockstars*** doesn’t seem fun!!’

Surprisingly, Rihanna did not respond in her usual sharp wit but opted to ignore the rants and posted instead;

‘British Vogue here I come….#ontothenextone’

(Rihanna spotted in LA with a new do)

Rihanna is never one to shy away from some controversy but maybe she realized she shared a little too much information and it was best to just move on. Rih did manage to cause a stir amongst die-hard Britney fans earlier this week when excerpts from her Glamour magazine cover was released. Rihanna was quoted listing her “pack” of ladies who currently run the world and Brit Brit was not included. Which makes you wonder, does Rihanna have staying power like that of Madonna and Britney?

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