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Jennifer Lopez Grappled With Divorce Twice From Marc Anthony

Update-Jennifer Lopez considered divorcing Marc Anthony for nearly a year now, according to new reports. In one instance, Jenn intended on leaving Marc last December, but the crooner begged her to stay. The source tells Star magazine, Jenn remained miserable but she tried to work it out. Another source claims that Marc’s alleged infidelity in 2009 with an airline stewardess also prompted talks of divorce. A source tells US magazine, J Lo and Marc went to counseling. And now here we are….

..Just days after announcing in a joint statement with husband Marc Anthony that the long time couple would be ending their seven year marriage; Jennifer Lopez performed at the wedding of oil tycoon Azam Aslamov’s son in the Ukraine.   Lopez appeared in great spirits as she announced to her audience;

“Are you happy? I am happy because I am here with you today!”

Happy indeed; Jennifer was reportedly paid $1 million dollars for her single performance and spent the evening in a penthouse suite at one of the Ukraine’s plush’s hotels (Ville Elena) which cost upwards of $4,100 a night.

J-Lo may have felt the diversion was necessary in order to break from the incessant media attention and an estranged husband who was already joking about being a “single man”


Although some find the couple’s split a surprise, others didn’t find it shocking at all.   According to HTR News, Michael Sands, a Hollywood image consultant and owner of Sands Digital Media, recently commented;

“There was a roadmap that they weren’t getting along, and I don’t think there are any major surprises among people who have been following their careers.”

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony presently share custody of three year old twins Emme and Max and hope to end things amicably as stated in their joint statement. With   so many stories popping through the cracks – could the truth come out and things get ugly between Jennifer and Marc?

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