Kate Hudson Snaps Back Post Pregnancy

Update-Kate Hudson has snapped back post her second pregnancy. After giving birth to her second child, Kate was spotted the following day enjoying lunch with fiance Matt and her son, Ryder from a previous marriage. Kate was spotted again all bundled just days after giving birth to Bingham in Malibu, California. Kate, Matt, Ryder were spotted frolicking in the sand and building sand castles. Kate and her Muse rocker also bundled up with each other as they unabashedly put their affection on display.

Kate’s mother Goldie recently tweeted her about the birth of her second grandson,   ‘Thank you all for your good wishes for the birth of our grandson! We are over the moon! Kate and baby happy and healthy! Blessings abound.’

Looks like Kate Hudson is snapping back just fine! But where is baby Bingham?

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