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Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Split – 5 Reasons It Failed

Update-Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split: 5 Reasons it failed. When JLo and Marc Anthony announced to People on Friday that their seven year marriage is over – it was shocking! Hollywood is rarely full of shocks when it comes to relationships, mainly because tabloids like the Enquirer and Sun have a knack of announcing impending doom – even with their spotty record. So when Jennifer and Marc announced their separation today – there was some level of shock. The speculations of the break down are starting to come in, but we decided to ponder their seven year relationship to look for potential breaking points of our own- of course this is purely in jest.

Reason 1.
Jennifer Lopez ended a highly publicized and criticized relationship with Ben Affleck in January 2004. Their relationship highlighted J. Lo as a high maintenance diva who would do anything to bask in the Hollywood lime light…less than a month later Jennifer is spotted with Marc Anthony

Reason 2.
Hardly 6 months later….Marc Anthony….the man who always loved Jennifer, even while married to the mother of his two sons, former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres filed for divorce. Merely days after their divorce was finalized, Marc Anthony and Jennifer were married

Reason 3.
Jennifer is so much hotter than Marc. And then there’s the height issue. Yes, it’s superficial. It’s Hollywood – We’ll leave it at that.

Reason 4.
Marc Anthony was reported for owing $3.4 million in unpaid taxes. Anthony’s rep quickly announced the bill was taken of. Jennifer is slowly working on rebuilding her flagging music and film career

Reason 5.
Jennifer Lopez succeeded in rebuilding her music and film career. She lands a $12 million deal to judge American Idol. J. Lo released a new album “Love?” and nabs her first top ten hit since 2003 with “On the Floor” featuring Pitbull. To top it off Jennifer signed up to join two major films one including “What to Expect when You’re Expecting” with Cameron Diaz. Lastly, it was rumored that Jennifer received resistance from Marc Anthony to re-sign with American Idol. Reportedly he wanted J. Lo “to spend more time with him and their children.” Jennifer has since denied the rumor.

People magazine have since speculated that trouble was on the horizon when Jennifer Lopez brought her mother Guadalupe instead of Marc to meet the royals – bringing your mother as a date is always a sure sign – and we’re not just saying that in jest. 🙂

Did we miss anything? Which of the 5 reasons, if any, do you think was the breaking point for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split?

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7 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Split – 5 Reasons It Failed

  1. Entertainment Editor says:

    She’s just way too much woman for him. And his own band members are rolling their eyes when concert after concert, he throws himself on the floor crying over his daughter. Enough is enough. No one can cry on cue at every concert over the same song and make the same gestures and expect to maintain credibility. She’s a life force and he wants her to play mommy. When a Latin woman has as much money as she does – she can well afford a nanny to drag the kids around with her. And lastly, and sadly, the children look like him – not her. “nuff said.

  2. bilal 2010 mp3 says:

    Unusual for PuertoRicans to divorce after such a short time, most are hightly influence to keep the family together no matter what. especially after kids, But this is what PuertoRicans called plastic people..

  3. lala says:

    Somehow Mark Anthony did not make J Lo feel feminine or good enough. He always had his eyes on other women and J Lo felt that she could never live up to his unreal standards, for no woman really can. This is a guess. He probably was already seeing a few other women the last 2 years

  4. Alwadifa Maroc says:

    My brother (4 real) worked with both JLo and Marc Anthony, when they performed a one-off with the San Antonio symphony a few years back. He said JLo was very sweet and incredibly beautiful in person but that Marc Anthony was a jerk and a control freak.

  5. Cindy says:

    I saw this coming from a mile away. Its clear that he squelches her power. She has a history of controlling, dominating men. And it was just a matter of time before she realized she did it again. She is so much better off without him. He seems very uncomfortable with her new success. He clearly wants to be the leader, and she the follower, and that’s just not going to happen.

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