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Beyonce's Father Matthew Pushes Through Court Papers Against Live Nation

Beyonce‘s father Matthew Knowles is moving forward with his court filings against Live Nation, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Columbia Records. Knowles accuses them, amongst other things, of making “negative comments about me.”

Beyonce let her father go as her manager several months ago in an effort to manage her own brand and show her independence. While Matthew Knowles may not have a problem with this – he does have concerns about Live Nation and others trying to ruin his reputation.

Matthew told the Associate Press on Thursday (7.15.11),

“We absolutely have not taken any money from Beyoncé, and all dollars will be accounted for. In no way have we stole money. Again, this is about the people who have made these claims – they have to come into the light.”

“She changed almost every aspect of her business,” he said. “The team ironically appeared to be a cross-pollination of Beyoncé’s team, Roc Nation’s team, and Live Nation’s team, who ironically have the most to gain.”

Despite what will likely turn into a bitter battle, Matthew insists things are great with his daughter.

“The relationship with Beyoncé is extremely amicable. I want to make that clear. Where there’s concern is the people that she’s doing business with,” he said. “I’m challenging all of these folks on integrity, professional integrity.”

The views on Matthew Knowles may be mixed but he certainly deserves credit for grooming Beyonce into the superstar she is today. Do you think Live Nation and Jay-Z played any part in the break up of Beyonce and her father Matthew?

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