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Dallas Observer Proves Nick Minaj Altercation Took Place

The Dallas Observer has released the incident reports surrounding an altercation between Nicki Minaj and a male at the Palomar hotel in Dallas, Texas Monday night. Nicki Minaj and her best friend and or lover Safaree both took to twitter to blast the reports. Safaree stated he would never hit a woman while Nicki slammed the media and the public for too easily believing everything they read. The tweets vaguely implied that the incident did not take place, perhaps prompting the Observer to release the reports.

In the TMZ report, Nicki allegedly stated the male punched her causing her bottom lip to bleed. However the incident reports confirms another story: Nicki Minaj did indeed call the police, there was an altercation but Nicki was hit in the mouth by a suitcase while attempting to keep the male from leaving with her suitcase. Nicki refused to press charges stating she only wanted her suitcase back. Safaree was listed in the incident report along with another male so it’s not clear which one was pulling the suitcase.

Check out the incident report below. Should Nicki Minaj provide more clarity not just for the public but her “barbz”?

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