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Mila Kunis GQ Cover Receives Mixed Reviews

Hottie of the moment, actress Mila Kunis covers GQ’s Comedy Issue for August 2011. GQ magazine is notably known for it’s cheeky covers – it’s a men’s magazine after all – but this cover in particular with the “Friends with Benefits” actress, Mila Kunis, furrowed some eye brows. The culprit: The iced coffee.

The Observer calls it, “Genius”. Adding that it’s not an overt phallic symbol like an ice cream cone. The Observer also added, “that the coffee is the color of her skin and her undies are the color of what biology dictates is underneath them.”

On the other hand, the Business Insider says candidly, “The iced coffee is ruining it for us. It’s distracting. It’s random.”

Whatever GQ’s intention were; sexual in nature, an advertising salute to Starbucks or a combination of the two; they are helping propel Mila Kunis into a certified sex symbol.

Mila still manages to maintain an every day girl image when she agreed to accompany a Marine to his Marine Corps Ball in November.

What do you think of Mila Kunis’ GQ cover.

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