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Angela Yee Exposes Her $70k Shoe Collection In PYNK Magazine

Radio personality and host of The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1, Angela Yee exposed her $70,000 shoe collection for PYNK magazine.

How much is your shoe collection worth?
My whole entire collection? I could probably buy a house. I would say it’s probably worth about $70,000.

What is your most expensive shoe? Was it a gift or self-splurge?
No one ever really buys me shoes – I buy them myself. I think the most expensive pair I have are these thigh-high Louboutin boots. They were like $2,500.

Do you still get the rush that you got when you purchased your first pair of high-end shoes?
I get it more [now] than I did back then because I don’t think my taste was on point yet. When you’re younger, the stuff you like is gaudier. I’m a little more disciplined now.

What are some of your favorite shoe designers?
Of course, everyone likes Louboutin. I like Camilla Skovgaard. I also like YSL. I like Brian Atwood sometimes. I love Miu Miu shoes.

Which celeb’s shoe game do you respect the most?
Definitely LaLa. I like her a lot.

“Office Tramp”…interesting…..Ironically, La La Vasquez covered the debut issue of PYNK magazine.

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