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Beyonce's '4' Catapults To No. 1 In The US

Beyonce‘s fourth album “4” entered the charts amid a public furor of whether or not “4” would be a flop. According to Billboard, since its June 24th release, “4” has sold over 310,000 copies.

Although over 300,000 copies is nothing to hang your head over; Beyonce’s recent album does register slightly lower numbers than her previous hits.

“I am Sasha Fierce” sold 482,000 copies its first week, “B Day” edged forward with 541,000, and “Dangerously in Love” came in slightly lower (while still overshadowing “4”) at 317,000.

Some attribute “4”‘s less than benchmark sales to Beyonce’s present inability to solidify a breakthrough hit single. “Run the World (Girls)” is currently peaked at 29 on the Billboard hot 100 which is surprising given that every first single previously released from Beyonce either entered or dominated Billboards top ten.

“Run the World (Girls)” may have partially received lukewarm reviews because many of Beyonce’s fans considered the pop beat less than creative given that it was transposed over a popular dance hall track “Pon de Floor”.

However Beyonce still has plenty of time to allow a heated single to emerge and judging from present album sales, her fans seem more than happy to patiently wait.

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