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Beyonce Rocks Out Good Morning America

Beyonce rocked out in Central Park this morning for Good Morning America. Beyonce is busy promoting her album “4” which is slated to land in the top spot on Billboard.

Beyonce spoke with the GMA crew before rocking out on stage,

On the influences of her new album
It’s all of my musical influences and everything that has inspired me over my travels.I was able to go and see some festivals and see some of the artists I’d never get to see because I rarely get to watch a performance. It’s a bit of rock, jazz, and a lot of live instrumentation. I wanted to bring chords, bridges and melody back on the radio and that was my goal. I figured after all these years; I earned the right to have artistic freedom and just make good music and not try to make regular songs.

On the remake of “A Star is Born”
Clint Eastwood, can you believe that? I can’t believe it still. I know when I met with him I was like in awe and I’m so, so honored that he believes in me. I can’t wait to do this film; I represent this generation’s talent and for me to be the chosen person as a African American woman is incredible.

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