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Basketball Wives Stars Hit With Another Lawsuit

Another day and another lawsuit for the drama filled VH1 series “Basketball Wives”. If you’re familiar with the series that Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal (left image) helped launched three seasons ago, then you know that many of the ladies are more like ex-fiances, ex-girlfriends with one or two wives sprinkled in. Of course, that’s not very different from the popular Bravo series “Real Housewives” so bravo to Shaunie for getting a piece of the pie. We digress….

The women are introduced in the series through their respective current or former relationships with the basketball players. But the women quickly establish a name for themselves. Even still, it hasn’t prevented the men of these basketball wives to keep their names off the show. Royce Reed (below) for instance is under a court ordered gag order preventing her from mentioning ex-Dwight Howard – needless to say she has violated the order several times causing Dwight to sue her for over $500,000.

Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh (below) is also threatening to sue his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child Allison Mathis (below) to keep her off the show. Allison was spotted filming when Chris took swift action to end that idea. TMZ reported that Allison filed court papers last week suing Bosh for preventing her from earning an income from Basketball Wives.

The series has proved so successful for Shaunie and her team that they’re premiering “Basketball Wives: LA” on August 29th. But of course, another lawsuit isn’t far behind. This time from Gilbert Arenas who has quite a bit to hide with all the drama surrounding his ex-fiance Laura Govan. Laura is the mother to Gilbert’s four children and has accused of him of putting her and their children out on the streets. Gilbert has filed suit against to prevent Laura from starring in the series. (Laura Govan below with 2 of her 4 children)

Does all this outside drama make “Basketball Wives” more appealing or is it time to put an end to it all?!

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