Beyonce Shines At The 2011 Glastonbury Festival Performance

Beyonce shines at her 2011 Glastonbury festival performance just days before her fourth studio album “4” is released. Beyonce brings the 2011 Glastonbury festival to a close in style – and sparkles. Beyonce said this is the biggest performance of her life and even expressed fear over her impending performance. But it appears Beyonce brought down the place and if you can’t wait to catch the live stream on the BET awards tonight, check out a sneak peak of Beyonce performing “Crazy in Love” and “Single Ladies”. It was rumored Beyonce may be joined by hubby Jay-Z, who himself caused some controversy in 2009 when he headlined the festival but it looks like that rumor fell flat.

The Queen Bey has made her return – enjoy!


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